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IBM Power Systems

POWER 8 Systems are designed to accelerate big data insights and hybrid cloud deployment - so clients are better equipped for cloud, analytics and mobile workloads and to handle complex, mission critical applications with confidence.

POWER7 systems were designed to manage the most demanding emerging applications, ranging from smart electrical grids to real-time analytics for financial markets.  

This latest IBM technology leads the way when it comes to power, with the ability to process an enormous number of concurrent transactions and data while analysing that information in real time.

In addition, the new systems enable clients to manage current applications and services at less cost. Breakthroughs in virtualisation, energy savings and cost-efficient use of memory ensure better price performance for users.

MKT has in stock a range of complete p8, p7 and p6 systems ready to go, aswell as a catalogue of upgrades and spare parts.

Call us today for availability and pricing on the Power Systems range.