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Why Buy Refurbished

Forget any perceived stigma surrounding the purchase of refurbished computer hardware. The secondary user marketplace has now been established for many decades with even the manufacturers themselves offering this alternative distribution channel to savvy buyers.

Every used IBM item we sell has been fully refurbished and tested by our own qualified engineers and all remarketed products are guaranteed to be accepted onto manufacturer and third party maintenance contracts.

Consider the advantages.

  • Significant savings compared to list price. Often a good way to balance technical needs with financial resources
  • Be green – extending the lifespan of computer hardware is socially and environmentally responsible
  • Some business applications do not require the latest performance
  • Ideal solution for clients who are adding to an existing infrastructure where the machine type or model has been discontinued
  • Software testing may be performed just as effectively using refurbished products as with new
  • Hard-to-find and out of stock items are normally available from the second-user marketplace – often with shorter lead times than going to IBM.